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Research Highlights in Synthetic Biology


Mutant libraries reveal negative design shielding proteins from supramolecular self-assembly and relocalization in cells. Garcia Seisdedos H., Levin T., Shapira G., Freud S. & Levy E. D. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - PNAS. (2022) 


Autonomous synthesis and assembly of a ribosomal subunit on a chip. M Levy, R Falkovich, SS Daube, RH Bar-Ziv

Science Advances. (2020)


Decision-making in a synthetic cell: the limits of biological computation. F Greiss, SS Daube, V Noireaux, R Bar-Ziv

bioRxiv. (2021)


Synthetic condensate size correlates with yeast replicative cell age. Heidenreich M., Georgeson J. M., Nadav Y. & Levy E. D. microPublication biology. (2022)

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