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Research Highlights in Bio Materials



Multiscale Microtubule Dynamics in Active Nematics, Physical Review Letters.

Lemma L.M, Norton M.N, Tayar A.M, DeCamp S.J, Aghvami S.A, Fraden S, Hagan M.F, Dogic Z . (2021)


Protein nanofibril design via manipulation of hydrogen bonds.

Aggarwal N., Eliaz D., Cohen H., Rosenhek-Goldian I., Cohen S. R., Kozell A., Mason T. O. & Shimanovich U. Communications Chemistry. (2021)


Plate-like Guanine Biocrystals Form via Templated Nucleation of Crystal Leaflets on Preassembled Scaffolds

Eyal Z., Deis R., Varsano N., Dezorella N., Rechav K., Houben L. & Gur D.  Journal of the American Chemical Society. (2022)

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