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Research Highlights in Biophysics


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Balance of osmotic pressures determines the nuclear-to-cytoplasmic volume ratio of the cell

Deviri D. & Safran S. A.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2022)


A theoretical model of efficient phagocytosis driven by curved membrane proteins and active cytoskeleton forces 

Sadhu R. K., Barger S. R., Penič S., Iglič A., Krendel M., Gauthier N. C. & Gov N. S.Soft Matter (2023)


Affinity of disordered protein complexes is modulated by entropy-energy reinforcement

Hazra M. K. & Levy Y. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - PNAS. (2022)


Echo chambers in the Ising model and implications on the mean magnetization.

Baravi T., Feinerman O. & Raz O.   Journal of statistical mechanics. (2022)


Dual‐fluorescence imaging and automated trophallaxis detection for studying multi‐nutrient regulation in superorganisms.

Baltiansky L., Sarafian‐Tamam E., Greenwald E. & Feinerman O.   Methods in Ecology and Evolution. (2021)


A proposed unified interphase nucleus chromosome structure: Preliminary preponderance of evidence

Sedat J., Mcdonald A., Cang H., Lucas J., Arigovindan M., Kam Z., Murre C. & Elbaum M. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - PNAS.(2022)


Robust, coherent and synchronized circadian clock-controlled oscillations along Anabaena filaments

Arbel-Goren R., Buonfiglio V., Di Patti F. et al.  eLife. (2021)

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