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Research Highlights in Single Molecule & Molecular dynamics


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The Effect of Time Resolution on Apparent Transition Path Times Observed in Single-Molecule Studies of Biomolecules

Makarov D. E., Berezhkovskii A., Haran G. & Pollak E. The journal of physical chemistry. B. (2022)


Control of protein activity by photoinduced spin-polarized charge reorganization. Ghosh S., Ghosh K. B., Levy D., Scheerer D., Riven I., Shin J., Gray H. B., Naaman R. & Haran G.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (2022)


From deterministic to fuzzy decision-making in artificial cells

F Greiss, SS Daube, V Noireaux, R Bar-Ziv. 

Nature communications. (2021)


Diffusion of a disordered protein on its folded ligand. Wiggers F., Wohl S., Dubovetskyi A., Rosenblum G., Zheng W. & Hofmann H. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. (2021)


Negatively Charged Disordered Regions are Prevalent and Functionally Important Across Proteomes.

Bigman L. S., Iwahara J. & Levy Y.  Journal of Molecular Biology. (2022)

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