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Research Highlights in
Systems Biology 


Evolution of binding preferences among whole-genome duplicated transcription factors

​Tamar Gera, Felix Jonas, Roye More, Naama Barkai

elife (2022) 


Measurement of histone replacement dynamics with genetically encoded exchange timers in yeast.

Gilad Yaakov, Felix Jonas, Naama Barkai. Nature Biotechnology (2021) 


Ligand-receptor promiscuity enables cellular addressing.

Su C. J., Murugan A., Linton J. M., Yeluri A., Bois J., Klumpe H., Langley M. A., Antebi Y. E. & Elowitz M. B. Cell Systems. (2022) 


Combinatorial Signal Perception in the BMP Pathway.

Antebi Y. E., Linton J. M., Klumpe H., Bintu B., Gong M., Su C., McCardell R. & Elowitz M. B. Cell.  (2017)

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